Opportunities Career Achievement Success

In the Portland Metro Area, our disconnected youth face significant challenges when entering the job market due to a lack of skills and vocational training, and/or because of their own personal challenges. With substantial future needs for employees in the food industry, construction and in the trades, there are plenty of opportunities for employment but not the right access points for them to enter. That’s where Opportunities Kitchen comes in.

Opportunities Kitchen is a vocational and educational program for Portland Metro Area’s disconnected and underserved youth, ages 18-24 years old, where learning, executing skills, accreditation, and job placement is provided within the food industry including: Farming & Production, Food Processing, Distribution, Hospitality, Recycling and the Trades involved in keeping the industry going.

Opportunities Kitchen is sponsored and funded by the Charitable Partnership Fund, a 501(c)(3), publicly supported charitable organization


Dave Garber – Executive Director, Opportunities Kitchen

Jonathan Harms – President, Charitable Partnership Fund

Paul Folkestad – Entrepreneur/Past Le Cordon Bleu, Portland

Leather Storrs – Owner/Chef at Noble Rot, Portland

Vitaly Paley – Owner/Chef at Paley’s, The Imperial, Headwaters

Joe Nunn – Concordia University STEAM Coordinator,Retired PPS teacher, Past Board member at POIC

Rob Liniger – Chief Operating Officer, Opportunities Kitchen

Dave Stone – Director, OSU Food Innovation Center, Portland

David McGiverin – President, Food NW, Portland

Dennis Morrow – Executive Director, JANUS Programs, Portland